Guiding You Through The Divorce Process

Divorce is difficult even when couples are in agreement on most of the major issues. Although this is a tumultuous time, it is important to get guidance from someone who can help make the path going forward appear a little brighter.

We are Farmington Valley-based family law attorneys with extensive experience in marriage dissolution. We can help explore your options and determine the divorce process that is the best way to help you achieve a successful resolution. To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation, call us at 860-404-6134.


Skilled Representation In All Divorce-Related Matters

At The Law Offices of Donna L. Buttler, LLC, we provide supportive legal counsel designed to help you reach your goals in all areas of divorce, including:

Divorce involving substantial assets: There are any number of factors that may impact a divorce proceeding, but cases involving substantial assets are particularly complex. If you own multiple homes, are a business owner, or have numerous stocks and other financial assets, we can help protect your interests while working toward an equitable division of property.

Dividing property and debt: When it comes to property division, the desire is to reach an agreement that is fair and equitable. It is important to keep in mind that equitable does not necessarily mean equal. It is also important to remember that debt is divisible as well.

Parenting plans and child custody: Custody matters can generate much anxiety and are often the most contentious aspect of any divorce case. We will work hard to help you reach a child custody agreement while keeping the best interests of your child front and center during the entire process.

Support and alimony: Spousal maintenance is not guaranteed in Connecticut. Whether you are seeking alimony or are being asked to make spousal support payments, we can advocate strongly on your behalf. Our firm also handles issues related to child support.

Military divorce cases: When one or both parties to a divorce are members of the armed services, a number of special considerations must be taken into account, including where to file the action and how to properly divide military pensions and other assets. Having experienced legal help in your corner is essential to a successful resolution.

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