How Do I Start?

You Have Problems. We Have Solutions.

Nobody enters into a marriage with the intention of someday getting a divorce. We know that speaking with a family law attorney is likely the last thing you want to do. We want you to know that we are here for you, ready to provide you with comprehensive legal service to open a new chapter in your life. We have chosen to practice only in family law representing families like yours that are facing the issues and needs unique to the transition of divorce and separation.

So Start By Contacting Us

We offer a short telephone consultation designed to explain the initial steps and answer your most pressing questions. You will speak directly with an experienced attorney who will help you weigh your options and if necessary, react immediately to protect your rights.

Schedule An Initial Consultation

We know that taking this first step can be hard. Meet with an attorney face to face. Bring your questions. Get to know us. Let us get to know you. You will discover that our initial consults are for your benefit and education, designed to be comprehensive and focused on the issues important to you. Everyone has a unique story. It's important for us understand your goals and interests so the legal action achieves your objectives. Everything that you say is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Sharing this information may take some time. We do not rush you. We set aside at least two hours for the initial consult. And if this is not sufficient, we can schedule additional time so that your questions are answered thoroughly.

Your most important first decision after of course, your decision that you must go forward with a legal action, whether it is a divorce, an emergency order or post judgment actions, is how you wish to proceed. When you leave our office, we want to make sure that you understand your options to go forward. Most family matters are resolved through some type of discussion and agreement. We will cover the similarities and the differences between mediation, collaboration, and negotiation; methods designed to navigate what may be very emotional, complex and conflicted discussions. We explain the expenses associated with each process and how you may even save costs. We put you in the position to make an educated choice about what process to choose, which is the best course of action for your family.

And when it is necessary that you must have a third party make a decision, in legal matters that is the role of a judge and a trial, we are there to ensure you present your facts in a way designed to reach your goals.

You leave the initial consult armed with knowledge of how to begin the complicated process of moving forward with your legal issues and develop a road map to achieve the best possible results for your family. We begin this process by being by your side and stay there through the entire process. This is the beginning.