Help With Property Division And Debt Division

One of the biggest components of any divorce proceeding is the division and distribution of the assets that were acquired during the course of your marriage. In order to ensure a fair distribution, it is important to disclose all pertinent financial information to your legal counsel and other parties involved in the proceeding.

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Valuing And Classifying Property

Before property division can take place, it must be properly valued and classified. In theory, this process should be relatively straightforward. However, things can become complicated when there are substantial assets or when a family-owned business is involved. In contentious divorce cases, some people may attempt to hide certain assets. We understand how to protect your interests and can serve as your advocates if you are concerned that your ex is not being forthcoming.


Debt Division

Many people overlook the fact that marital debt must also be divided as part of a divorce proceeding. Similar to asset division, any outstanding debt will need to be identified and properly valued. We can help you understand how much debt is owed, in what form and help you create a strategy that is right for you when it comes to dividing marital debt.

Division Must Be Fair And Equitable

When it comes to dividing assets and debt, the agreement should be fair and equitable. It is important to keep in mind that "equitable" is not necessarily the same as "equal". Agreements are rarely evenly split 50-50. We will help protect your interests at each step during this process in an effort to get a settlement that you can live with.

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