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Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, and child support matters are common issues in many divorce cases. Child support is often relatively straightforward. State guidelines can help define a clear path for how much you may be expected to pay or receive. Alimony presents its own challenges. There is no guideline to determine who should receive spousal support, how much payments should be and for how long. In either case, it is important to protect your interests with the assistance of experienced legal counsel.

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Alimony Is Meant To Be Temporary

The only certainty regarding spousal support payments is that they are designed to be temporary. Once an amount has been set, the length of the payments will also be determined. However, this is not necessarily set in stone. Alimony payments may be modified if one party experiences a substantial change in circumstances, such as a promotion to a higher paying position or losing a job. Payments may also be terminated altogether if one party remarries or otherwise enters into a cohabiting relationship.


Guiding You Through The Child Support Process

In most cases, child support issues can be easily addressed. Guidelines help determine how to calculate the amount of support, with the primary factor being the income of each parent. As in any legal matter, things can become complicated quickly, which is why the guidance of a lawyer is essential. Like alimony payments, child support amounts may be modified in cases where there is a substantial change in circumstances.


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