Negotiation: An Essential Part Of Every Divorce Process

The importance of negotiation skills cannot be overstated. Understanding your needs is the first step. When meeting with the other side, a calm, civil and direct approach goes a long way toward realizing a successful negotiation. As experienced family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Donna L. Buttler, LLC, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case and present it in a manner that maximizes your outcome.

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"Negotiation is not about figuring out who it right or wrong. It is about getting the parties involved to recognize the other party’s perspective."
- Ann K. Newman

What type of case benefits from negotiation?

  • All. Through successful negotiation, you can resolve your divorce case on your own terms. Even when a full resolution is not obtained, often parties can resolve some conflicts, thus limiting the extent of the litigation. At a minimum, there is a wealth of information to obtain about the other side's position and a benefit to ascertaining the strength of your case. Our attorneys, Donna Buttler and Ann Newman, always look for a way to resolve a case by negotiation.

"I advocate for my client’s interest in ways that rebuild family stability and financial strength after a divorce or separation."
- Donna L. Buttler

Can negotiation limit the cost of a divorce?

  • Absolutely. The least expensive resolution process is often negotiation. Moreover, when parties agree to the final outcome, negotiation distinctly limits disputes and more costly litigation after the final judgment.

"I am committed to helping couples find the best solutions for their families' needs and goals."
- Ann K. Newman

Is preparation important to negotiation or is it all tactical?

  • Preparation is an essential component to any negotiation. Tactics exist, but the more knowledgeable attorney can distinguish between hype and compelling arguments. At our firm, our attorneys will focus on presenting your case in a way that is compelling to the other parties involved. By being fully prepared, we can drive the negotiation in your direction while still being flexible to react to new information and unexpected twists.

Does agreeing to negotiate make me weak?

  • Absolutely not. Negotiating lets you take control of your case. When you waste the opportunity to negotiate, you lose your chance to bring your case to a conclusion in a way that you both understand and are more willing to agree to.
  • If for any reason you find it difficult to participate in negotiation, we will do our utmost to determine what support you may need to re-engage. It may be education about the issues we are trying to resolve. It may be providing the emotional support necessary to give you the confidence to come to the table.

How do we know when to continue a negotiation or walk away?

  • In family law negotiations, there is a moment when parties are ready to come to a conclusion. At the Law Offices of Donna L. Buttler, LLC, our years of experience enable us to ascertain when the parties are ready and to capitalize on the moment. Moreover, the reverse is true. We can determine when further negotiation is fruitless. But rather than abandoning the idea of negotiation, our lawyers are skillful in changing the strategy, altering the dynamics by involving other participants or finding an option that may pave the way to a successful conclusion.

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