About The Collaborative Divorce Process

There are times when you need an advocate by your side, but you still want to work with your spouse to resolve your divorce. Collaborative may be the answer. Collaborative divorce is a team-based approach. You and your spouse each have an attorney, and along with other professionals, you agree to negotiate in a confidential, out-of-court process to create solutions that work for both of you. The collaborative approach is designed to preserve both of your interests and needs.


"The success of a Collaborative Process depends largely on the quality of the team that the attorneys put together that work in conjunction to successfully guide the clients from start to finish. We work with professionals that are not only knowledgeable, but are sensitive to our clients’ needs and bring integrity to negotiation."
- Donna L. Buttler

Reaching A Resolution On Your Terms

The collaborative divorce process is a model of negotiation that emphasizes respect and privacy of the divorcing couple. This process differs from mediation in that each client is represented by a lawyer to serve as his or her advocate throughout the negotiation. Often, other professionals, such as psychologists, child experts and financial planners are also involved in the process.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. This process is often less time-consuming and emotionally contentious than a traditional divorce. We have extensive experience guiding people through the collaborative divorce process and can help determine whether this option might be right for you. To schedule an initial consultation, call me at 860-404-6134.

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