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A Healthier Way To Divorce

Mediation provides a simple, affordable, less stressful alternative to litigation that keeps you in control of your future and allows you to personalize your divorce terms. Mediation enables couples to reach a divorce agreement without having to go through the traditional court system. You meet with me privately in my office and all of our conversations are confidential.

Our Farmington Valley attorneys help guide people through the mediated divorce process, providing the tools they need to resolve their family legal disputes.


Advocacy In A Private Setting

There are times when you want an advocate by your side, but you still want to work with your spouse to resolve your divorce. Collaborative may be the answer. Collaborative divorce is a team-based approach that emphasizes respect and privacy. It is an alternative to mediation in that each spouse chooses an attorney to act as his or her advocate. It is an alternative to litigation in that the couple agrees not to use the court or go to trial. It is often less time-consuming and emotionally contentious than a litigated divorce. The collaborative approach is designed to preserve both parties' interests and needs.

Both lawyers at the Law Offices of Donna L. Buttler, LLC, Ann Newman and Donna Buttler, practice with a team of like-minded professionals to make your collaborative negotiation successful and put you on track for a positive future.

"I am committed to helping couples find the best solutions for their families' needs and goals."
- Ann K. Newman


Resolving Disputes Without The Intervention Of A Judge

For a variety of reasons, many divorcing couples find themselves in court. This can be frightening, time-consuming and expensive. We use our considerable skill to negotiate terms of a settlement without the need for a trial. This may require using court processes and personnel such as Family Services, special masters or even a judge outside of a courtroom to help the couple overcome conflicts and impasses whenever possible with the ultimate goal of settlement. In Connecticut, 97 percent of couples complete the divorce process without attending trial. At the Law Offices of Donna L. Buttler, LLC, we work hard and creatively to make you one of the success stories.



When All Else Fails

Sometimes it is just not possible to avoid court. It may be because the finances are complex, the emotions are too strong or the legal issues are unique. Whatever the reason, you are going to want the capabilities, experience and resources of an experienced family attorney by your side, preparing your case and maximizing your results.

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"It is very important that my client and I work together to prepare their case for litigation to avoid any surprises in the court room. Preparation is the most important element in achieving a positive outcome."
- Donna L. Buttler